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Frequently Asked Questions

If the Printer doesn't recognise the cartridge

You can try wiping the copper contact plate on the cartridge over with a slightly damp piece of kitchen towel. While doing this you can turn off your pc & printer and leave for a minute or two before putting back on. When the printer and pc are back on make sure the copper plates on the cartridges are dry and put them back into the printer. When installed run the printhead cleaning program 3 to 4 times for best results as this will clean the heads & push the ink through.

The printer recognises the cartridge, but it won't print

Try running the printhead cleaning program on these cartridges. This process will clean the heads and also push the ink through and should hopefully resolve this problem for you. We recommend that you do this 3 to 4 times for best results.

VAT Charges

Items dispatched from Switzerland will be free of VAT provided the value of the item is £14.99 or less. Items with a value of £15.00 or more will be subject to VAT. The price shown on the website includes all applicable taxes. Where applicable, VAT is only charged the once. The website shows the value of the item without the VAT and with the VAT at the time of adding to the basket. When in the basket the price is broken down to show the Without VAT, the VAT price and the Total value of the order.

Your invoice will also show these details and will be included in the parcel with your products.

Login/Password Problems

Although you have ordered with us in the past you haven't registered with us on the website which is why it won't allow you to log in to the site and you should be getting a message to say that there is no password allocated to the email address.

Placing an Order - New Customer / Non Registered Customer

You can place an order by adding the items required into the basket and filling in the New Customer/Non-Registered customer section of the website. In this section you can also add a password of your choice so that the next time you order you can use the Log In facility by clicking "Your Account" on the Home page. Alternatively, you can select Register on the home page and fill your details in then add the items required to the basket.

Order not received

For your convenience your goods may be dispatched in more than one package to increase the likelihood that the packet will fit through your letterbox. If your goods are dispatched in more than one package they will be sent on the same day; however we cannot guarantee that the postal system will deliver them on the same day.

The parcel may have been too large to fit through a letterbox, so can you please check with your local Royal Mail Sorting Office to see if they are holding any parcels for you. We find that the post people don't always leave a card if there is nobody at home to take the parcel from them and it gets returned to the depot.

Please come back to us if you still haven't received it and it's not being held at the sorting office for you.

Not sure if you have received the correct cartridges

Unfortunately, the manufacturers can't always list all the printer models that the cartridges cover on the boxes. If your printer isn't listed on the box, the easiest way of making sure whether you have received the correct cartridges is to find your printer model on our website. When found, click on the cartridges you ordered under your printer and then click on the more details link and this will show you the printers that take the same cartridges. You should find some of the ones listed on the box on here if you have the correct ones.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please get in touch. One of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help. We are often able to source even the most obscure cartridge.

Phone: 020 3659 2720 (Calls are charged at normal UK national rates.)

Customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday 8am-6pm (excluding Bank Holidays), Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm.

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