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Cartridges for Smith Corona Printers

Want to save up to 80% on ink and toner cartridges for your Smith Corona printer?

Compatible ink and toner cartridges will provide you with a low cost alternative to original branded products.

Try our range of compatible ink cartridges with your next order to see for yourself. Compatible products will be clearly identified when you are browsing through the Cartridge People website. Alternatively, you can read more on the savings you can make when switching from OEM to compatible products here.

Smith Corona

Once a giant of the typewriter and mechanical calculator industries, US-based Smith Corona is now a world-leader in the industrial ribbon and label markets, manufacturing large quantities of thermal ribbon used in thermal transfer printers.

Founded in 1886 by Smith family members Lyman, Wilbert, Monroe and Hurlbut, Smith Corona was one of the best known makers of typewriters and calculators in the early 20th century, before eventually experiencing decline in the 1970s and 80s due to the mass production of cheap electronic calculators and PC-based word processing. After successfully reinventing itself as a maker of word processing typewriters to rival the likes of Brother, Olivetti and IBM, the company suffered bankruptcy and moved away from the typewriting market altogether in 2010; it instead decided to focus on the thermal label market, in which it has managed great success in a short space of time.

Smith Corona Ink Cartridges

As one of the UK's largest online ink cartridge retailers and a specialist supplier of Smith Corona ink cartridges, we have the products you need to enjoy a quality printing experience. Thanks to a team of printing experts, we are able to source the very best ink cartridges for your printing applications and offer them to you at the lowest possible prices.

Our selection of branded and compatible ink cartridges have been carefully tested for a high standard of performance and works as a quick and simple replacement for existing installations. With emphasis on quality, each ink cartridge delivers the high clarity ink reproduction and longevity you have come to expect from Smith Corona, and comes backed by a full guarantee for a risk-free purchase.

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