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Cartridges for Integrex Printers

Want to save up to 80% on ink and toner cartridges for your Integrex printer?

Compatible ink and toner cartridges will provide you with a low cost alternative to original branded products.

Try our range of compatible ink cartridges with your next order to see for yourself. Compatible products will be clearly identified when you are browsing through the Cartridge People website. Alternatively, you can read more on the savings you can make when switching from OEM to compatible products here.


For anyone that was computing in the early days of home PCs, Integrex is a brand that will be remembered fondly for delivering the technology that allowed information to be transferred from computer monitor to paper.

While the company no longer manufactures printers, the machines it released during its heyday remain known for their robust build and reliable performance. When Acorn computers were peaking in popularity in the 1980s, Integrex was a pioneering brand and one of the only printer manufacturers to offer a colour printer compatible with the BBC Micro.

The company's most famous printer, the Integrex ColourJet 132, used the same four colours as modern printers to print on rolls of paper and utilised Canon ink cartridges to produce high-quality results. Other successful ColourJet models followed and the brand would become a favourite with users of IBM, Apple, Amiga, and Nimbus computers for many years.

Integrex Ink Cartridges

Whether you use an Integrex ColourJet, Betajet, or Classic for your printing needs, we can offer a range of compatible ink cartridges to meet your requirements.

As one of the UK's leading ink suppliers, we are one of the few online retailers to offer ink cartridges for Integrex systems and deliver cartridges that will allow you to produce the kind of prints you have come to expect from your machine over the years.

Available in both black & white and colour, ink cartridges are specially chosen by our team of printing experts to ensure maximum performance and outstanding value for money. All cartridges are meticulously tried and tested for optimal clarity and ink consumption, and all come with a full guarantee for total peace of mind.